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Bottega Veneta Outlet

This summer, New Canaan Baseball enacted a new program for college kids to intern in a variety of ways and it worked so well, we decided to keep it rolling


So sorry I missed you on Sat. I have been retracing my steps to make sure I don't leave anyone out! Your story had a happy ending and always makes me smile when it comes to ghosts! Beautiful pictures and such handsome young fellows too!

Sylvia Smiser

Hi Wendy!
What a marvelous party posting! I so very much enjoyed it! So much eye candy and the tale was fantastic! WoW!
Thank you so much for visiting me!
Happy Halloween!

Betsy Bailey

What a beautiful and haunting tale for an amazing Halloween Party!! I am so glad I could drop by for candy corn, it's my favorite.

Happy Halloween!!


What a lovely, wonderful, and spooky party! And thank you ever so much for dropping by my own little storybook-filled Halloween tea :) It was delightful to have you there!

Hugs and hexes!

Debbie Lynch

Wendy, I am late, but I did get here! And I am glad I did. Such beautiful photography, and those precious boys, my I thought I was in Neverland! Beautiful scenery as well. Nice touch.
Thanks for having me.
Debbie Lynch

Rhonda Roo

Ok, so it's 6:00am where i am -actually 6:11 now and I was supposed to go to work about 20 minutes ago, but Wendy....WOW. WOW. This is magical, so pretty, and ethereal, and the tale is heartbreaking, but magical, and the music is perfect, and I am so so glad I decided to come see you before I went to work, because this story, these images, will carry me though the day. LOVELY!!!!

Happy Autumn, Halloween, and Everything in Between,
xoxox Rhonda Roo {from the Treehouse}

Jill Zaheer

What a fantastic Halloween tale. Loved the preamble to your story with such beautiful photos and Michael and Nicholas's adventure was wonderful! So glad Norma sent me here! Happy Halloween and again, super story!!
Very glad to meet you! best- Jill


Wendy! I just want to stay here to listen to the wonderful music. What a magical world you have created. This post was the best o' the bunch my friend. Just simply delicious. I'm coming back again. That music!!! Loved this ride tons. Hugs, Norma, xo
P.S. Spooky Kisses to you...


Wow, oh Wow! Spooky, eerie.....magical and beautiful! You crafted quite the post here! Enjoyed every bit of it!
Thanks for having me :)

Happy Halloween!
Paint MYself Pretty

dena miller

Wendy my dearest, What a fabulously spooktacular tale and party!!!!! I have enjoyed my journey in your world. Thanks so much for inviting me and so glad that you had also enjoyed yourself visiting me as well.
Happy Halloween Dear Lady♥

Goddess of the Jewels

Oh my oh MY! I am completely blown away by your post my dear! What an illustrious creative spirit you are! I LOVE the music its perfect, and your pics of the orange glowing pumpkins and candy corn....I just wanted to melt into the scene! WOW you must write me and tell me what music selection that was. Many thanks for this spectacular treat! I thoroughly enjoyed! Happy HAlloween!

Anne Berbling

Oh, so COOL! Amazing! Happy Halloween!


Ahh what an uplifting Halloween party, I loved your little boys in the Ghost story, so cute! Happy Halloween!
And thanks for your kind visit to my parties, great to have you there :)


I know I can always depend on you for a fantastic party! I loved the tale of Michael and Nicholas. Thank you for a fantastic time!

I'd love for you to stop by for my party and giveaway...

Happy Halloween! Theresa


Well, I couldn't help it, tears were running down my face by the time I reached the part where the Lokiberry floated down on their hands. But to be young and have adventures together forever would not be a bad thing either, I think.

I love your blog, thank you for leaving me a comment on my party post and guiding me to here. Happy Halloween!

Victoria from Brushstrokes


What a fantastic story! And your photos were great!

Thank you for stopping my my little haunting spot! Edgar & I loved having you!

Miss Linda

Hi Wendy, I loved your party and story, Very well written. I had an amazing time. Your images were the best ever. You put a lot of hard work into it all. Thank you for the invite. I hope that you will visit me:

Susan Dietz

Oh how enchanting! I loved the story of the two brothers and your decor was amazing! Xo

Keisha - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

I love a good woodland tale! Happy Halloween and thanks for stopping by my party earlier!



What a truly delightful Halloween party post!!

LOVED it!! So imaginative!!

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment! I would love to be included in your giveaway!

I added you to my Blog Roll...



What a wonderful display! And I always get blown away when someone has been able to get their kids involved, and to play along so perfectly - there is hope for the creative people still :)

Lisa Lectura

Hi Wendy! Loved your party post! The photos along with your tale were enchanting! I also loved your shoes! Super cute! Happy Halloween! :)

Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

Wendy!! MY WORD!!! Oooo spooktacular, wonderful, photos to die for!! Loved seeing the children, and climbing trees and such, your tale and photos, sublime!

You outdid yourself, wow, awesome!!

Thank you so much for being a part of this extra magical season!!

♥ Vanessa


An enchanting and sparkly Halloween Party. I enjoyed it.


What a wonderful story - it reminds me of my nephews... :-) Thank you for the story and treats! Happy Halloween!


Such a wonderful and gorgeous party post. Your photographs are beautiful and I especially loved the ghost photo. I so enjoyed my visit!



Beyond the veil - it's thin this time of the year. The story touched my emotions. How lovely, but sad and evocative on many levels.

Happy Halloween to you.

~ Misha/DawaiOser

If you have a free moment, drop by my contribution to Vanessa's 50th Annual Halloween Blog Party. Don't you love her events? (!!)

Dr. Mike

Absolutely fantastical. The words and photos touch the heart strings and bring forth the deepest feelings. This should be a book for the season.


Delightful! Your adventure story is so creative, I just love it. Such imagination! Lovely photos too! I especially love the ones of the boys in the tree.

Coffeeberry Cottage

Perfect party in the woods.I enjoyed My visit:) Trick or Treat to you.

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