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Hermes Outlet

This summer, New Canaan Baseball enacted a new program for college kids to intern in a variety of ways and it worked so well, we decided to keep it


What a beautiful , magical tea party! I am sorry I am late for such an important date!


What a magical celebration! I love the dolls and the crocheted flower on the shoes. Very sweet!

The Shop Around the Corner

I've never had a more scrumptious PB&J...knew it would go very well with madness.

Okay, first of all, I am a huge FAN of blogs that play music and yours is delightful to say the least. When "Pure Imagination" came on, I was swept away.

Your images are dreamy and the creativity abounds. I'd say there is more than a spoonful of glitter here and I enjoyed every morsel. Love the socks, which reminds me, I must work on my wardrobe for approaching Halloween tea parties. I see several on your sidebar and I cannot favorite time of year.

Thank you for the magic, love. And I too believe imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge spoils delight.
Took your button and adding you to my blogroll to not miss a thing.
Wondrous wishes!

Tami Von Zalez

Lurvs the elves - makes me want to squash 'em.
(Insider humor) link back to my post.

The Shop Around the Corner

WENDY!!! EEEeeee!!!! Certainly unbirthdays and late arrivals are the perfect choice, for they have landed me in this dreamy Wonderland of yours at just the right time. Oh, how happy I am to be here today, not rushing and able to take in all the creativity and fun.
First of all, your background is AMAZING!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Talk about welcoming faces. ;)

I must go through your post again before commenting on it in particular, all its twinkling magic is making me giddy. That's a good thing, by the way. ;) Be right back with my lunch. Yes, PB&J are acceptable at such tea parties...somehow I know.



What a magically mad tea party! I love those giant mushrooms and your pretty teapots. Such whimsical dolls! My teeth are aching from all those spoonfuls of sugar! Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle


Wendy!! That music. Oh my this was a trip and a half. Just gorgeous and thank you so much for putting this magical romp together for us. Can't say enough how I loved this. *smiles* Norma


My oh my did i have a blast at your Mad Tea Party! Thanks for having me by!


What truly wonderful photos -- I had great fun visiting your party. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this exquisite post! :)

Greetings from Germany,


OH how wonderful your tea party was! I loved the chair trees and all your characters.


Completely magical tea party! I loved every minute! Thank you so much for inviting me!


I loved your wonderful tea party, especially the fun falling photos. Everything was enchanting.
Huggs ~Iantha~


There are few things I love more than tea time and glitter, amongst them are pretty shoes and Mad Hatter's. So impressed with your photography and party, I would stay here forever but then I'd be tardy. So I must go, but before I say adieu, I wish whimsical madness and life long creativity for you. :)


lovely tea party...I think yours was one of the best! Come visit mine, I have a giveaway too.

Tazas y Cuentos

Oh! Your party is really gorgeous!! I love every photo and every cute!
Those tea cups hanging...the enormous cup...magical!
I enjoyed a lot!
Besos from Argentina, Silvina


What a marvelously mad party! Your guests were all quite charming and I enjoyed sharing treats and tea with them. Thank you for stopping by my party and inviting me in for a cuppa!

Gioncarla L

Simply WONDERFUL! What a lovely adventure you have put on for us! Thank you for visiting my party earlier and for inviting me here today I have had such a wonderful time indeed!

William Charlebois

Now this was an adventure and a half! The music made it extra special. And all of that fairy glitter - I don't think I will ever get it all out of my hair. But that's alright. A little fairy glitter never hurt anybody! I'm afraid I do have a sugar headache, though. Well, maybe that's because I landed on my head after falling all the way down. But that's alright, too, because we're all simply mad here. :^) Thank you for such a wonderful time, especially after my being so fashionably late.


What a simply marvelous, magical party! Thank you so much for inviting me over today! :)

Beth P

Oh you do give such wonderful tea parties! I enjoyed myself so, even the upsideyist downist part! thank you for inviting me and for coming to my party as well! Perhaps we shall meet again at next years party, oh I do hope so!
Beth P

Plumrose Lane

What a beautiful party you threw Wendy ~ your imagery was simply stunning!


Amazing! What a theme you put together!


You really out did yourself with this magical tea party. I loved every second of it!

Susan G

How enchantingly whimsical! What a magical time! I didn't want to leave :( Thanks so much for inviting me.
I wish I knew how to make all the whimsical photos you gals do, such talent!
Thanks for visiting with my mom, daughters and I also.


this was so much fun!! your photos are amazing!
thanks for having me

Kerstin Bulin love your wonderful...glitter...Tea looks so wonderful...sorry i´m late...but lot wonderful Tea Party going around...and i look 2 days...for all the Partys.
Have a wonderful magical week


Thank you so much! This was really wonderful. I need that giant tea cup, though. (I can never get a deep enough cup of tea! )Your dolls are really sweet!
Thank you so much for popping over and visiting me for my Mad Tea. This is my first and I'm having a lovely time!


The other side of Wonderland is just fantastic, crazy, and WOWsie! Thanks for having me, it was a lovely party.

Susan Dietz

How lovely! Such a treat! I loved the music you used in your adventure, and those little elves were a wonderful treat too! Thank you for inviting me to your party! I shall remember it always... much love ~Susan


I had the most delightful time here today at your Mad Tea Party. Like the White Rabbit...I'm late! Thanks for the tea to go....I'm on my way!


So very lovely.Thank you for inviting me.Loved the addition of the music.

Michele Askeroth

Oh you just took me into wonderland for sure. Loved the music and all the pictures. you have worked so hard on your wonderful post. I am in love with it, and your blog! And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a superb comment! I am a new follower here. Bravo!

Only Cute Things

wow! lovely post! great pics!



Just Magical! The music is befitting such a posting! Thank you, for sharing your vision and Madness with tea!

Ann Cummings

Such a sweet and fun and fairy glitter-filled adventure on your Mad Tea Party 2012. Won't my grand children love all the twinklies in each picture. And what adorable tea sets. Such a delight to visit. Thank you so much.


Lovely tea party. Thanks you for inviting me. Have a wonderful week.


WOW! What a beautiful party. Thank you so much for inviting me!! I am really glad I was able to stop by. Everything was just perfect :0)

dena miller

What a simply enchanting and magical Tea Party!!! I so enjoyed my visit and am glad that you stopped by mine too.... Of course I also would Love to enter your giveaway!!!!

Have a magical day!!


Wendy, this looks like the perfect party! I would love to have a cup of the on top of the mushroom :) and thank you so much for having a meringue with me...


Yes, indeed - where is a giant when you need one! Those mushrooms did look like the cosiest of seats but with so much to see and do, who had time to rest long?

Pretty Posh Posies

A magical party and dolls! Thanks for stopping by my place! :)


What a magical party! And I love that music :)

Miss Linda

Hi Wendy, I had an amazing time at your tea party. Everything was so whimsical and magic. You worked very hard and I loved it all. Thank you for having me and I would love to enter your giveway. Tank you so much. Please visit me:


Better late than never and worth the wait! Very magical and whimsical. Thanks for visiting me too. xxx

Denise Adorian

I so enjoyed myself,thank you for the fun and enchantment.Denise

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

What a fun tea party! I didn't want to leave! There was definite magic and wonder in the air here. Thank you for inviting me and for visiting mine! : )

P.S. Love your shoes!


Wonderful party!

Mine can be found at

mad madam mel

more tea and cookies for me please !!
I loved you party :)
Thank you so much for inviting me,
I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
Mad Madam Mel x


A wonderfully magical glittery tea party!!!

Loved it! x

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