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Fabulous swap!!! :) Butterflies and dragonflies - what could be better? Theresa


WENDY!!! She is here!!! She is here!!....and even more fabulous than I could have ever imagined!!! I just love her! You truly are so very talented...your whimsy and wonderful energy are felt just touching the box in which eveything was sent! I am so honored!! YAY!!

I have already introduced her to my family and now have her seated in a VERY special spot in the kitchen for us all to enjoy her!! Everyone smiles as they walk past her...and I make everyone say, "hello Miss. Calamity"...hee hee! I told her of our upcoming cupcake party and her guest of honor status...she seemed very happy with the details!....the pom poms are ADORABLE and such a lovely surprise and divine touch! I love them...they will make such fun decorations!!

...and just when I thought it couldn't get more wonderful, I discovered the cute as a button cupcake ornament. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How fun! Have I told you that I LOVE YOU???? Oh you are sooo much fun!!! Feels like my birthday! ooo..I think she just winked at me! :)

I am heading to MEXICO tomorrow morning (at the crack of dawn:)for a spring break vacation with my family...when we get back I am going to do a post on Miss Calamity's arrival...and then another post of our party, of course! I truly am just so thrilled to have won such a treasure!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!......have I said, thank you!!! xoxoxo

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