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Yes, I had my stripey socks on! Although I'm not sure if that's necessarily newsworthy as I have a lot of stripey socks. Also lots of Halloween socks. A girl has to have some stylin' even here in the boonies.


What a wonderful party! Your posts are always such fun.


The treats are delicious and that red hat is simply divine....but Cupcake Calamity is priceless! What a special little lady she is!! What an amazing talent you have...such magical energy here in wonderland!! I believe I will help myself to just one more cupcake:) xo


What a fabulous Valentine's post! I am so loving that hat. And I just adore cupcakes - thanks for offering one up. :) Hope you had a most fantastic day! Theresa

Miss Linda

Thank you so much for your sweet treats. It was my pleasure to stop by. Everything was so nice. Your blog always makes me smile. It lets my imagination soar.....


Happy Valentines Day dear Wendy - everything here looks do you in your red hat x


Yay..Happiest Valentine Wendy! What a magical world you live in..fabulous hat and gorgeous treats....beautriful art!! generous!! Hooray!!


Hi Wendy!!!
Ohhhh Did I win a contest!?! I have been away for awhile, so I had no idea!! I am so excited!! Please send me your email address , I couldnt find it on your profile!
Email it to me at, if you don't want to post it here... and then I will email you back my address....

Have a great Valentine's Day !!!

P.S Your post is just so sugary and yummy and magickal !!


Happy Valentine's Day, dear Wendy, make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine:-)

I'm so happy you said we could have 2 or 3 cupcakes! hehe Such a delightful Valentine's gathering and I'm so glad I came:-) You look simply "mahvelous" darlink with your beautiful hat!! xoxo


LOL...Wendy visiting your blog ALWAYS makes my day! I love your red hat and your post is absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing your cupcakes and your potion with us. Valentine and Cupcake Hugs! xoxo


Happy Valentines day to you miss look so sweet in your hat and how can you not love the color red , its the color of love and happy times. Have a wonderful time hugs wendy

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