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OH HOW I WISH IT WERE SPRING! We are actually supposed to have a snow storm tonight! ....I will just enjoy YOUR spring and dream of warmer days when I can go out with MY RED HEAD (he looks very much like yours...aren't they just so adorable!!!) in search of adventure...we are always on SOME kind of adventure! :)

We are anxiously awaiting Calamity Cupcake...I have big plans for her!! :)

Keep inspiring my friend!! xo


How lovely those peonies are! At least, I'm pretty sure they are peonies. LOL I am so looking forward to signs of spring. I swear I saw a little crocus bloom popping up in a snow-free patch in our yard...Theresa

Miss Linda

These are beautiful flowers. Me too on the subject of Spring...Just when you think the winters weather is slipping away, another 8 inches falls on your house. No good.


Wendy, your boys are so cool! I want to come frog catching with them...and hello, MAJOR Holy Grail fan! We bought the DVD and forced the girls to watch it - Hilarious! I think we know every line by heart, hee hee


Love it.
Sarah just said to me yesterday, "Momma I thought Spring was coming early this year. We're not supposed to have 6 more weeks of winter." I told her, "look around sissy. Spring is popping up everywhere. It'll be here before you know it".


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