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Bertie is SO adorable!!! :) I love those sweet pouty lips. Theresa


Oh my, so cute!


Well my goodness, look at Miss Bertie and how delightful she looks today, even with her windblown hair! hehe I have long thick hair and believe me, when it's windy I look just like her! lol She's an absolute delight:-)

Love all those pompoms you've been making as well. I'm SO happy that our paths crossed during the OWOH event because I find your blog such a fun place to visit and I can't believe I'd been missing all this fun:-) xoxo


I am glad you introduced us to Bertie today. I have enjoyed visiting with her and seeing the things she likes in red. Cute post.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh my, Miss Bertie is very charming, sitting there on the cupcake stand, and what a creative mind you have!
Happy REDnesday!


That is so sweet.


Well, Miss Wendy of Wonderland, what a sweet delight I got today when I visited my letterbox! Thankyou sweet girl for such a lovely treat - you have truly made my day...and may I just add that Miss Bertie is a sweetheart! Just make sure she brushes her teeth after all those goodies. Sending you big bloggy hugs across the ocean xxx


Miss Bertie is so darn cute!!
Thanks so much for sharing her and her red balloon.
The Tattered Tassel


Oh Beautiful Bertie!! What a sweet little thing! Love the wind blown look too:) xo

Way too cute, Miss Wendy!!! I would love a dress just like Bertie's.
So glad you liked the charm....

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