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Lynette Killam

That was so much fun! I would love to have been there in person for all the silliness. My boys are grown men now..I am sadly lacking in little ones to play with..and we all need to play, not matter what our age.

What a great tea party you all had! Thanks so much for having me to share it...



What a wonderful tea party.....I'm still finding my way to new tea parties.....please come by a visit my tea party too....

Celina Matthews

Thank you for inviting me to tea! Your tea party was delightful!


Wonderful , fun tea party ! Loved the FUDDERWACKEN !


Your party looks beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing.


What a wonderful Tea Party! I was so honored to have my kids attend the marvelous, MAD, cray, bonkers, silly, kids bouncing off the walls, cup full of tea party! I know they enjoyed the tea so much because them staying up till 1 am proved it!!! Thank you for that.....really.....thank you! Seriously, they had a blast and talked about the next Tea Party the entire next day! Oscar still talks about the "hat" :) On a less "madder" note....I know Candy was looking down and hosting the party the entire time and I'm sure she was very proud of her big sis for throwing such a wonderful tea party for the little ones :) I love and miss you too Candy but I know you are still with us....right along with big brother....who, I'm sure, was adding a little bit more silliness to the air :)
Thank you Wendy for entertaining the kids and filling their day with great "MAD" memories!

Teresa in California

Oh! I absolutely loved your Mad Tea Party!
What delightful Hatters and guests you had...I could tell they were all completely am I...but I love it! Your Alice Tea Set is DIVINE! And I loved the dancing in the video...CHARMING!
Yes! Please enter me in your marvelous MAD TEA PARTY GIVEAWAY! What Fun!!!!


I'm so late, Wendy, for your tea party! I've just been so busy attending other MAD tea parties and just arrived at yours. What an enchanting time I had. The little Hatters are so adorable and were very well behaved! I'm glad I stopped by.


Oh my that was quite a party! Thank you so much for inviting me, I had a most swell time! There was So much to look was all quite marvelous!!



Excuse me for being so fashionably late...I hope you will not be irate. Your tea party was fun - it shined like the sun! SO many happy smiling faces - they certainly have not lost their muchness! And what lovely dor-prizes you are offering! If you have not already done so, I'd be honored if you would sit a spell with me~for tea...
Sincerely, Theresa (aka The White Queen)

Erin Prais-Hintz

I do so love your delightful hatter crew and the princesses, too! Charming.
Please stop by my party for a giveaway or four.
Enjoy the day!

Lady Grace Flowers

Wendy, you have truly captured the spirit of a magickal mad tea party. Enchanted dreams. I loved the vintage articals such dream qualites of your photographs. Thank so much!
all my love

AnnaBella Gray

Simply wonderful tea party! Love the details and all your pretty treasures. Your little hatters are too adorable and I especially love the hat stacking. The sweet tribute to your sis is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and please stop by for tea when you can!

abi monroe

Wonderful party... the photos were fabulous. Ooh, and those beautiful giveaways... I'd love them all!!!!!
Also. thanks so much for popping over to my blog AND buying a ticket... can't thank you enough!

Yvonne Y

What a charming little tea party! Love the hosts! :)


Your party is just wonderful, I loved the pics!

I took a peek at some of your other posts are SO lucky you got to go to the Harry Potter theme park already! I want to go but I live a zillion and six miles away from it. XD

I don't have typepad so I can't follow you, but I did bookmark you blog. It's very fun and I will be back to visit!

Have a frabjous day! Kelly

Tina Gates

Oh how I love you and your gorgeous hatters! I had the time of my life here you know, I simply LOVE dress-ups, and I had so many hats to choose from! My stomach is sore from giggling and rolling on the floor - too much fun! Thankyou so much for having me...I would be delighted to win any of your treasures, but am just happy that you invited my to tea today x I am following, my darling friend x

Sylvia Smiser

I had a wonderful time at your tea party! But one thing what was in the tea? My feet are still fudderwacking! What great fun!!! Please come by our tea party if you haven't already at
Cheers to Candy!
Thank you for everything,

Papillon Bleu

Thank you for inviting us!
I like how you make your pics look old.
Happy Mad Tea party to you.


I am visiting you third out of all as I start at the bottom, being an unconventional person and I hope it gives those last on the list a little lift to be first for a change :-) What a wonderful party post. I invite you to my party too.


Oooo,the children seemed to have so much fun !!!Just like us! We've just had some tea!Thank you for having us and for stopping by at ours!

Sandi M

Great choice of music to go along with this beautiful tea party :) Off to Fudderwacken in the gardens of Pennsylvania now :)

Victoria Sayer

Thanks Wendy,
ever so much for stopping by earlier. I so enjoyed your visit. And thank you for having me over to share in your utterly Mad Tea Party. Yes you are all quite a good way, you know.


What a wonderful tea party!!! Your photos are terrific! And I am in love with all of the guests!!!
Stop by mine if you have time?


hi!!!!what a wonderful party and photos!!!
thanks for visiting me!
greetings from greece!!!

AnnaBella Gray

Such a wonderful mad tea party! I love it all. Thank you for having me! Happy Mad Tea Party Day!

karen cox

Such a lovely tea party, and I so love the music too.

Happy Mad Tea Party,



Wendy, I came over to say I can't believe you ate a heart! Do you know what that means??? If you don't, I'm afraid you will just have to wait and see. Alas, I am hiding under the table! ;-)

I'll be back to see the rest of the story...


Sheila :-)


I'm so ready to FUDDERWACKEN' lovely Tea Party!


~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

Ah yes, all the best people are quite mad. :D

Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)


Hi, Wendy... I'm joining you on the way down! Thanks for paving the way for us.

Happy Mad Tea Party...


Sheila :-)

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